Business Opportunity



First in Asia that offers 6 in 1 whole brain development program
  • The program is not only emphasizing on calculation but also on creativity development and boost memory
Business start-up at affordable cost
  • We practice minimal setup restriction to maximize entrepreneur’s financial turnover
Marketing Guidance and Support
  • Full guidance and assistance will be given for setup, open day and throughout recruitment process to ensure smooth operation.
Continuous Training Support
  • We believe teacher’s quality is the backbone of Braincarve. Hence, continuous training will be provided including refresher course to ensure teachers are well trained to teach students.
  • We offer full flexibility to entrepreneurs to run the business based on their available time.

Who can join us?

  • An individual that loves flexibility
  • An individual with entrepreneurial spirits and has passion for education
  • An individual who able to conduct the program in English as primary language

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Collaboration with Preschool / School / Institution

Are you looking for additional an enrichment program to be added as an after-school program to be beneficial to your students? BrainCarve (6 in 1 program) is an 8 level program, 4 months each totally 2 levels per year with the unique combination of 6 different techniques, namely Vedic Maths, Abacus, Memory, Thinking, Win in 60 seconds and Magic Fingers, for students aged 5-16 years old. The different techniques focus on areas of Brain, Mathematics, Thinking, Memory and Personality.


Area of focus

Magic Fingers

Gross Motor Skills, Fun and Fast Math Left and Right Brain Activation

Vedic Maths

Speed Math , Removes Math phobia

Win in 60 seconds

Personality Development for Kids

Thinking Technique

Lateral Thinking , problem solving skills

Memory Technique

Methodology to memorize with Academic Syllabus


Concentration, Speed, Accuracy, Math skills

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