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The Abacus is a wooden calculation frame which has counting beads framed within. This ancient calculation tool was prevalent much before the numeral systems came into place. Now, Abacus can be used to perform operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

At BrainCarve, we make use of the actual Abacus tool to teach children Mathematics. We have observed that most children do not like memorizing multiplication tables. The Abacus serves as an excellent tool for teaching children multiplication, without them having to employ rote learning methods.

Moreover, Abacus helps in lateralizing brain functioning. It helps in activating the left and right hemispheres, both of which are required for logical as well as creative thinking. Moving the beads enhances fine and gross motor skills and betters hand coordination. The Abacus also serves as an excellent tool for teaching Base Number Systems. Once children have had adequate practice with the Abacus tool, they are taught to simultaneously imagine the Abacus in mind and perform calculations. Children will have to visualize the Abacus to perform calculations quickly.

Abacus training helps children not just with mathematics but also with their memory, creative thinking and logical thinking.

  • Activates Right Brain and Left Brain Tremendously
  • It helps Overall development for children aged 5 to 16.
  • Improves concentration, Speed Accuracy, Math Skills, Imagination.
  • Removes Math phobia from children.
  • Improving mental calculations.


The sense organs we are ordained with play a critical role in proficient development. A manipulation of all the six senses at once, namely looking, hearing, listening, moving, speaking and thinking helps in lateralization of key brain functions. When there is abundant coordination of all senses, there is steady and liberal improvement in cognitive functioning.

Magic Fingers teaches children to use their 10 fingers to count up to 99, to add as well as to subtract. Whilst using this approach, a child has to look at one’s own fingers, hear operational instructions, listen to key steps, move fingers in order to arrive at a solution, speak to oneself and think critically as to whether the solution chanced upon is accurate or not.

This technique ensures that the left and the right hemispheres are both activated at once, thus augmenting lateralized brain functioning. This technique is also an efficient way of enhancing body mind coordination. This program also serves as a springboard for learning Abacus.


  • Improves Gross Motor Skills
  • Activates Right Brain and Left Brain Simultaneously
  • Fast math from 1 – 99 with 10 fingers
  • Body and Mind Correlation


“Any man could, if he were so inclined,be the sculptor of his own brain.”
– Santiago Ramón y Cajal (Advice for a Young Investigator)

We have all come across experiences where we see a familiar face but cannot place where we met this person, under what circumstances and whether we truly know the person or not. There are other times when we meet a friend and simply cannot remember his or her name, try as we might. We all face these problems with memory because we do not know how to summon our stored memories.

Memory relates to the process entailing encoding of information, storage of it and then retrieval of that same information at a later time. With practice, we can strengthen all our memory processes. This regular memory training takes only 5 minutes of your time.

At BrainCarve, we teach fun and interesting methods to train you better with your memory.

With these MEMORY TECHNIQUES, you can:

  • Remember the Numbers, Sentences or paragraphs from their school curriculum.
  • Improve performance whilst studying less
  • Create mental list
  • Remember everything you read and write
  • Enhance the quality of your life
  • Once you have mastered these memory techniques, your life becomes more simplified.


“Intelligence is something we are born with. 
Thinking is a skill that must be learned.” – Edward de Bono

We eventually end up becoming what we think of ourselves. Our thoughts and thought processes play a critical role in the development of our personality. When faced with a problem, our thoughts determine the courses of actions we need to take to arrive at solutions to the problem. Most often, we fail to solve the problem at hand because we focus more on the problem that on the different courses of actions to arrive at a solution. This happens because we are not trained to think outside the purview of the problem, because we are not trained to think out of the box.

BrainCarve is the only company in Asia to teach children thinking techniques. There are two thought modes- vertical thinking mode and lateral thinking mode. Vertical thinking entails sequential thinking and is extremely useful when we are solving a mathematical problem step by step. However, in life, we often face problems wherein the solution is not sequential. We need to be more creative while arriving at a solution. We probably might need to have diverse view points and diverse ways of solving a problem. The creative way of thinking is called Lateral Thinking.

Lateral Thinking also enhances the effectiveness of Vertical Thinking.

  • Improves Problem Solving Skills
  • Convert complicated problems into definite opportunities
  • Using alternative way of thinking
  • Help increase number of ideas and new vistas by using and adapting unconventional thinking techniques and methods.
  • Improve creativity
  • Think in a innovative approach
  • Tap the unseen talents and skills to find solutions to problems.


A lot of children dread Mathematics. So profound is this fear in some that they end up dropping the subject altogether. The reasons why Mathematics poses so much trouble may be because there is constant fear in children that there are too many operations to be carried out, too many lengthy calculations to be done and it is not as simple to arrive at a solution.

Vedic Mathematics is a branch which aims to combine related language senses and application skills of a person. The system is designed in such a way so as to increase computational speed, primarily through the use of simple techniques and tricks. Once speed is enhanced and computation is simplified, Mathematics does not seem as onerous any more.

At BrainCarve, we offer Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Levels of Vedic Mathematics. The program is designed in such a way that there is lateralized brain thinking. The use of Vedic Mathematics helps in improving concentration, enhancing confidence and solving large calculations with ease. Vedic Mathematics serves as a link between all branches of Mathematics and at the same time also clarifies basic Mathematical concepts.

A few advantages of learning Vedic Mathematics are:

  • It provides one line answer in many cases.
  • It improves analytical power of brain.
  • Logical thinking improves.
  • It builds a new vision to think differently.
  • It improves patience.


“A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, 
but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.”

When a young plant begins growing, it tends to not be straight. A prop such as a mallet, when bound to the plant helps the plant grow straight and tall. However, once the stem of the plant has thickened, it is quite difficult to make it grow straight- it continues to grow crooked. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to nurture the plant and support it when it is young. The same idea applies to children as well. The dictum at BrainCarve is “Excellence starts early.”

Our Personalities define who we are, how we think, how we feel and how we behave. Our Personalities set us apart from other people. BrainCarve is the only company in India to Malaysia have introduced Personality Development program for children at an impressionable age.

The program is aptly named “Win in 60 Seconds”. Activities such as one- minute goal setting, one- minute praise, one- minute forgiving, and one- minute apology are bound to help children learn values and help build their character.

Win in 60 Seconds helps children in:

  • Enhancing the sense of success, achievement, confidence and happiness
  • Enjoying learning and putting the best foot forward
  • Better communication between members
  • Improved behavior with children
  • More fun together as a family
  • The course is fun, fascinating, and delightful and encourages character building.
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